Start to excel today!

Start playing drums or become a better drummer by taking online lessons with me. Next to my short online videos, I teach detailed private lessons starting from the very beginners up to advanced students!

Why study with me?

I have more than 10 years experience teaching students of all ages. I have thought in governmental music school, privately, in international workshops, etc. Next to teaching, I am a very experienced player and can play multiple styles of music from jazz, pop, fusion and even classical.


Every student is unique. I use a range of methods, teaching technique, grooves, how to play with music, independence. After seeing where you stand as a student and what you want to reach during my lessons, I adapt my teaching to your personal needs!


1h online lesson


5h online lessons

275$ (55$/lesson)

 10h online lessons

500$ (50$/lesson)

One hour lesson can be split up in 2 times 30min if preferred!